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My quest to try them all

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So, with the addition of Shipwrecked, I finally have a way of preserving a world while still being able to switch characters, and I've done so gladly. Thought I may as well type up what I've been doing with the linked worlds.

So, I started out as Maxwell in a Shipwrecked world. I got pretty far, but then I was getting a bit bored. Went for the Seaworthy for a new challenge. I get to the new world, but panic teleportato in RoG due to hound attacks reaching their peak. Turns out the transition from SW to RoG doesn't give you a fresh start day-wise when you first do it. Just then, it hit me...I can switch characters when I do that and still be able to access my Shipwrecked world. I then challenged myself to try every single character and go for 3 Houndius Shootius each time before switching again, all the way back around to Maxwell. After the transfer of those handy shooters, I would head back to RoG and teleportato again.

Just to make this short and sweet, I'll list the characters I've already completed this small challenge with in order.






Webber (Current)

All in all, this has allowed me to start using all the characters and get used to their attributes for the future, as well as hone my skills for the overall game. I'm somewhere around Day 1360 on my Shipwrecked world and am planning on making a mass base on my base island, after completing my Houndius Shootius collection. Give this challenge a try! It gives a good reason to learn about everyone even more!

EDIT: I'm currently suffering from the Seaworthy crash. My file is currently stuck on the Loading screen before crashing, so I won't be able to update this until it gets fixed. In a few years, because Klei seems preoccupied with other games right now.

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2 hours ago, Donke60 said:

How did you do caves as Warly I've been stuck 

I stuck with the Belt of Hunger and pre-made Bacon & Eggs, Honey Ham, and Pierogis. The portable crock pot was really handy in the ruins, but I tended not to stay for long, because after being in many sets of ruins, it got a little too boring for my tastes.

Snow Chester was so handy for holding my foods and ruins supplies, but it took 2 or 3 ruins trips to stop leaving Chester to die to depth worms.

As for my general strategy, I try to find the ruins entrance as soon as possible after entering the caves. Miners Hat is good enough for the Caves, but the Ruins are abundant with Depth Worms, so I switch to Moggles for that.

In the Ruins, I go for making a thulesuit or two, mining all the thulecite, maybe make a fishing rod from the occasional dead spiders, defeating the ancient guardian, and visiting the wilds for bananas.

From the Caves, you can usually find ingredients for Meatballs and Fist Full of Jam if you're really desperate, and in the Ruins, ingredients for Meatballs, Fishsticks, Ratatouille, Unagi, and Fruit Medley are somewhat easy to come by.

The general strategy I used was preparation beforehand, so I wouldn't be starving by the time I got out.

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