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Quick question about Power Transformers

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On input, the transformer acts as a battery, except with a consumer priority (so it goes before actual batteries). There's no limit on power drawn and it doesn't count towards load on the wire. Which is something devs should look at but that's how it works at present.

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Power loss does not come from transformers. At least as far as I know. Wasted power is power generated by generators but not used by buildings that use power. E.g. if you attach a refrigerator (-120 W) to a coal generator (+800 W) you'll have 680 W wasted power.

It's also possible the game doesn't calculate it accurately, it's not something I paid too much attention to. Wasted power is usually inconsequential, while when you are low on power, that's where problems start.

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6 minutes ago, marcjhune22 said:

from what I see there is somewhat a limit on how much power a transformer can accept via its input, when connected to a generator.

The transformer is limited by its battery - it cannot accept more than 1000 J per simulation tick. But that's a lot. Definitely more than the 1000 W you're supposed to be limited with on the transformer's output.

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