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  1. Bathrooms not being prioritized properly.

    It is an issue since then, dupes will wake to use the outhouse when their bladders got full during the night. Deconstruct that outhouse, then they will wait next morning to use those lavatories.
  2. Cooking stations occasionally being ignored

    Yeah that happens a lot to me. Maybe they can fix then delivering script int the cooking station that the dupes will not deliver to the cooking stations when there are in sufficient cooking materials
  3. Cooking stations occasionally being ignored

    After running your save for few cycles, I noticed that you run out of cooking materials for pepper bread. Although there should be enough for 1 or 2. Those cooking materials are distributed on your cooking stations.
  4. Cooking stations occasionally being ignored

    check if those idle dupes has deliver checked on their jobs
  5. Eternal cycle of water delivery

    submerge those terrariums in water. problems solved
  6. Invisible snazzy suits

    This issue has already been fixed
  7. DLed your save, saw that mechanized airlock is probably causing that warming your talking about. So no it is not a bug