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  1. I think not, there are games that are good with multiplayer, but sadly ONI is not one of those games
  2. paranoid much? my profile pic? what the horse dude it is jared letho. then prove it genius screenshots.
  3. proof? no? then shut up. accusing someone without proof? that could get you jailed. why would I even do that? I support Klei and I love their games.
  4. Abyssalite is the only way to go to prevent heat transfer. As of now, other materials do prevent heat transfer when constructing insulated tiles or pipes but due to their rather high thermal conductivity they will soon conduct heat.
  5. Let me highlight my answer for your question This is turning to a discussion with that edgyr*** on youtube. Everybody has their on play styles, yet the only solution that you are always saying to avoid summer smolder are going to caves and living in the oasis. So someone suddenly joins? You made your server open to public right? Naturally somebody will join your game. And if somebody does join and it is summer, you have to coordinate with that new player to not set the base smoldering. They are many ways to defeat summer smoldering, remember your particular predicament on applies in cooperative mode, so be cooperative! If the others are not cooperative, kick them, ban them.
  6. Don't get me wrong but this is a survival game. Not everything in the game has to be beneficial to the player one way or the another. It adds difficulty to the summer season.
  7. It is an issue since then, dupes will wake to use the outhouse when their bladders got full during the night. Deconstruct that outhouse, then they will wait next morning to use those lavatories.
  8. Am I the only one who play through summer? I don't avoid it. Go to caves? nah. That takes the fun out of the game. Smoldering is not quite a nuisance. Try shipwrecked with those raining dragoon eggs that literally wrecks everything near you in the dry season
  9. he said that there is no way to get rid of the stinger, so i said to him that feed the stingers to the lureplant to get rid of it, which in a sense is a way to get rid of those stingers, which doesn't make it useful.
  10. It is a bug, the game thinks that the transformer is not a producer of power so it shows that the wire is strained.
  11. Suggestion only, can you record videos on 16:9 aspect ratio? Your video looks rather too stretched out. It may be your video capturing software or the resolution of your pc
  12. Making the title all caps, is not gonna do you any good. It makes them wanna ignore it more. Everybody is already aware of that Klei's game is being cracked and distributed through certain websites. PS : It is not considered sold if there is no price for the program/game
  13. In my case the water is submerge in the polluted water. After a while the water floats to the top of the polluted water. And then it completely mixes with the polluted water creating those horrendous amounts of polluted water
  14. Yeah that happens a lot to me. Maybe they can fix then delivering script int the cooking station that the dupes will not deliver to the cooking stations when there are in sufficient cooking materials
  15. Hmm. 7 NGG is too much for your supply of Natural Gas. 1 Natural Gas Geyser outputs approximately 99.6 g/s, that should be enough for 1 and 2/3 NGG. Your total Natural Gas production 2 Natural Gas Geyser : 99.6 g/s x 2 = 199.2 g/s 5 Fertilizer Makers : 20 g/s x 5 = 100 g/s Total = 299.2 g/s with a NGG consuming 60 g/s, that should be enough for only 4.987 NGG