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Thermal regulator not pulling?

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Why does thermal regulator not pulling from one machine to the next one?

I have 3 thermal regulator setup in a snake pipe, but they won't pull the gas to the next one. Sometime it just stop moving, while others the gas moving back and forth. What gives?

Right now I have to setup gas bridge just to pull the gas to the next one. Any idea?

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This does sound like a hook-up issue, so yeah, a screen-shot would help to diagnose it.


However, one thing to note about closed loops of pipes:  Lets say you have a loop of pipe that's 100 pipe sections.  You should only fill it with 99 packets of cooling gas and leave 1 section of pipe empty.  This will help prevent your cooling gas from getting stuck within the loop.  Gas packets can't move into the next section of pipe if its filled so leaving one section empty will insure the packets can always move.


So, if your cooling loop is filled to the brim and the packets aren't moving, try removing one section of pipe (Thus letting out the packet of gas that was in it) then rebuild it, don't add anymore gas to the loop and see if that fixes it.

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