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  1. Hi devs, So while I was playing around I made a mistake and load the last auto save. After the game is loaded the "eggs" that are stored in the storage box pending incubator just pop out to life.
  2. dupe state can be easily manipulate through job system. Once a dupe master a certain job, by switching to tier 2 job (from junior researching to scientist), dupe gain +2 learning. This is probably by design, but when changing back to Researching, dupe keep the +2 learning. This can be done unlimited time (stat max at 50) by simply switching junior and senior job. Dupe does not needs to go to job station for each change to take effect.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. Tested and working.
  4. Exosuit checkpoint when marked as vacant dupe will not return to walk pass it. instead dupe act as of the path is blocked/invalid. I came across this by having two checkpoints next to each other (different level). Future Dimension Cycle 88.sav
  5. I'm getting the same error as JosejeSinohui. Please help! Ubunto 17.