Shipwrecked: An official Lights Out setting

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Simply put, adding an official setting for Lights Out in the world generation settings. Starting items in the chest listed below to ensure every character gets a fair start in the dark on their island.

-5 cut grass

-2 twigs

-3 logs

-1 gold

The primary reasons why no one other than Walani and Wickerbottom simply aren't viable is due to lack of gold on the starting island. Walani can hold a torch while surfing and Wickerbottom can already craft a Row Boat and Thatch Sail for hands free sailing. All others run the risk of hitting too many waves while sailing in the dark and stopping to hold their torch, causing them to likely sink.

This simplistic start will finally allow players to take on this harsh challenge normally, without waking in the dark. Enjoy it, readers!


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Honestly the original settings just being copy + pasted over should handle just fine for Shipwrecked, which makes it a bit more surprising it isn't an option in the presets. Starter islands come with plenty of supplies to acquire, and the gold from the starter chest would be ample to make yourself a rowboat, make a boat lantern, thatch sail, and be on your way through the night with no further changes truly needed (though naturally, it wouldn't hurt to have a little extra in the starter chest for Shipwrecked in the super rare odd start that puts you on a starter island with only the bare minimums from the coding that might make this unachievable).


Heck you can even add a bit of Shipwrecked flair to it by starting the player closer to the water and having the starter campfire reveal a nearby floating steamer trunk with your initial supplies.

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