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Water-creatures,robotics, forge

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You could use it to refine metals into a purer form which are needed for special buildings or upgrades or just improvements in the case of building. But for using a forge you will need a lot of energy to create a certain amount of heat.



Electric mudeel

Prefers polluted water as an habitat. Consumes algae and produces polluted dirt. It is really aggressive and uses electrical attacks if bothered by duplicants and maybe its elecricity could be used  as a source of energy.



Water is their natural habitat but you can collect them and put them inside polluted water which they will slowly clean because the prefer clean water. If you have enough of them in a certain spot they might be able to clean that area around them. The more water they filter the greater they become until one day they change color and become hostile against their environment.You can kill them for their flesh. (And maybe you are lucky enough to find a pearl or something else.  In fact it is an alien creature)


 Dominant Crabs

They live close to water in the warmer areas. They eat almost everything and pocess a really hard shell. So they are really though enemies but you wont find multiple of them  in one area. They are slightly bigger than duplicants and will attack them if they trie to swap materials which are in "their" territory. They will always try to destroy buildings as long as those are in their reach. So you better wont try to lure them into your base because it takes some time to take them down because they regain Health with eating.





After you researched this technologie you are able to build robots to make your life easier. A robot for the harvest which will do all your gardening work so you can spent your time with other things.


The great allrounder

He can do everything what a duplicant can do. Except enter water. He won't need sleep or food. He will only need a source of energy which might be electricity, coals and natural gases he inhales from his environment. But he needs a lot of energy and ejects carbondioxide.And also he can only permit one certain task at once. He can only dig or only swap materials or only repair. So there shouldnt be the problem that he starts digging and than does something else after he is done or not and than takes 1 cycle for 3 tiles..

I am Sorry if my language isn't perfect and if some of my ideas might lurk somewhere ind this forum but I really hope that some people have some positive critic.


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If we do robotics, having extra "duplicant" robots running around could run the risk of impacting performance. I don't know what the current functional limit on duplicant population is, but if there's a performance limit to too many of them pathing around then adding robots will just make you hit that wall more easily, which could be frustrating.

Ceiling-mounted cherry-picker robots would be a cool way to go, though, as there aren't a lot of reasons to have high ceiling space right now and it'd encourage new room designs. Give them a version of the Duplicants' hoover guns so they can grab stuff and place it in containers within reach. You could even exploit priorities to have them ferry materials from one place to the next in a chain!

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Duplicants are practically robots already (the word originally meant laborer), I see no need for automating their tasks. That being said, some more basic machinery could be interesting, say if the harvester was stationary and could only harvest crops in a small radius.

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