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  1. now that we can't build pipes out of abyssalite, how do you make pipes not explode in the ice biome?
  2. Gastrophobes won't use it, so I'm pretty sure it's cooking skill.
  3. It seems to take appreciatively longer to build pretty much every item right now. This build is really just frustrating me. I feel like this build is suddenly super grindy, when none of the others felt frustrating in this way before. I haven't even been able to get to the oil, much less far enough to play with the new features! I've been watching my dupes try to hook up a system of Nullifier, Gas System, Electrolizer, Waterpump by Geyser for 1.5 HOURS at Max Speed. The ice biome and steam vent are only about 50 tiles apart. This does not seem normal to me. I've lost 6 bases (out of 7 worldseeds) to running out of air in 14 days (about 200 cycles each base on easy mode!). 2 were lost to starvation due to heat death from the Electrolizers being built inside the base (no amount of wheezeworts seemed sufficient even with an insulated farm), 3 while setting up in an ice biome WITHOUT a nullifier also resulting in heat death. 1 was slowed by pumping all the hydrogen out of the area into gas tanks, but I eventually couldn't get enough water to keep making oxygen. Incidentally, I also seem to be having no luck trying to run it off of refined slime. That system is taking just as long because no amount of pills, medbeds, etc seems to be enough to prevent my entire workforce getting slimelung at the same time, thus the suffocation of base 7. TLDR: Game is now too grindy.
  4. Can't submit bioscan

    I've run into this occasionally too.
  5. Me too, can't get in there, can't mine it out. Looks like the tiles are supposed to be granite from the amount of color/texture I can see.
  6. Today I actually saw a dupe stop halfway through building the GP tile and go do build stone tiles of lower priority right next to it. She never went back to finish the tile and no one else built any.
  7. Germy Shower OK?

    Interesting, I hadn't tried running it through 2 purifiers. I think it's because the kill temperature is higher than the output temperature of the purifier. The purifier outputs at 30c higher than the input temperature and and boiling is at 100c.
  8. Suffocating in Just Built tile

    I haven't had this problem of one dupe entombing himself in a tile very often, but they do it to each other constantly. I think all dupes are secretly plotting to kill the others...
  9. Oil Update. Dupes will ignore work orders to build metal tiles (mesh or gas permeable) after the first few minutes of gameplay and wander off to do something else, no longer building them at all after that. If you save and reload they will go back to the project priorities originally assigned. Sometimes canceling and recreating the build works, sometimes it doesn't. The Hardy Specepad Backup.sav The Hip Supernova.sav The Starcrossed Dreamland.sav
  10. If the water is touching slime it can be infected.
  11. I accidentally contaminated my water so the dupes were showering in Food Poisoning (so gross!) because I forgot the water purifier doesn't remove germs. They did not get sick, spread the germs to other surfaces, or show as disease vector for Food Poisoning. This gave me an unexpected exploit of not having to keep the germy water separate from the non-germy polluted water I was purifying or heat the water to kill the germs. Clean water still lost germs slowly but even cycling the clean/dirty water in the same tank with a purifier picking up dirty and dumping the clean back in did not cause the germs to spread.
  12. In the meantime if you put a gap or ladder between the pump and the ground, then placing the pump 1 tile lower or higher than the ground, the hatches won't jump on it. They move 2 tiles vertical 1 tile horizontal, but not 2 tiles horizontal 1 tile vertical. You can also keep them out of rooms or areas this way.
  13. Medbeds heal only sickness, not wounds. Duplicants will not use rejuvenators unless sick. Unable to assign wounded but not sick dupes.
  14. I have noticed they started using the generator when I had wires attached, even if there was nothing the wires were connected to yet! I've started leaving the final tile of wire next to the generator to be built until the first machines and batteries are in place.