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Shipwrecked not working

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So i just bought Don't starve with Reign of giants and shipwrecked in a bundle to play shipwrecked. But i start the game and see that if i want to create a world i dont see a option to make it Shipwrecked i only see a button for ROG 



Is that normal and i have to do something to unlock shipwrecked or is this  a bug.

And yes im 100% sure i have the dlc installed

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8 hours ago, Silvercide said:

This is either a bug or you just don't have it activated. If you are positive it is activated you should report the bug on the bug tracker.


7 hours ago, Donke60 said:

Yes check if steam says it it's active and installed if so and problem doesn't fix take to  bug tracker so a dev may assist you 

Yes i am 100% sure its installed.

I reported it to the bug tracker, thanks for the help anyways :)

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It looks like the Shipwrecked DLC content is not installed. Your game's main menu screen colour should be teal instead of purple. 

To fix this, close out of the game, and on your Steam library, right-click on Don't Starve > choose "Properties". Click on the "DLC" tab; there you should see if Shipwrecked has been added or installed.

If Shipwrecked has a check mark on "INSTALL" that means the game has been installed and added to the base game.

If not, click on "INSTALL" for Shipwrecked and close the window. Then click on the "LOCAL FILES" tab in Properties and verify the integrity of game cache – this will ensure that the files for the DLC are downloaded and installed.

If you are not able to find Shipwrecked listed in the DLC tab, your best, next step is to contact Steam Support and they will be able to confirm your purchase and provide support with this.

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