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Suggestion: Toggle 'Attack Any' and 'Attack Hostiles Only' on L3 Button on Console Versions

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I've been playing Don't Starve Together with my friends on the PS4, but find we cannot engage in combat properly due to the lack of ability to only attack Hostile enemies. Attempting to fight something along side some pig friends has resulted in attacking the pigs instead. (I don't want to attack my pig friends!)

Currently, there doesn't appear to be a way to attack only hostiles like you can on the PC version.
And since L3 and R3 appear to be unused, it would be EXTREMELY wonderful if pressing L3 toggled in-between 'Attack Any' and 'Attack Hostiles Only'. 

For R3, it would be handy if it would select and focus on a single unit.
(Perhaps this could be illustrated by the selected unit with a thicker, brighter outline? Or an icon over their head?)
Would be nice for when you are trying to take out one particular enemy amongst many, or to keep focus on the koalefant you are hunting down. 

And one last request would be that the ability to attack while having a ranged weapon equipped, like blow darts, would be increased.
I feel I have to get much closer to enemies to engage vs the PC version. 

Thank you for taking these suggestions into consideration. I hope to see these issues address one way or another in the near future, but most of all, the L3 toggle. 


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I agree, when fighting the big tenticle I have to kill every small tenticles that it spawn before actually putting damage into the big tenticle. It auto aims on the little tenticles which is super annoying when I have plenty of room to take on the big tenticle 

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I gave up on farming pigs, bunny an and gobblers cause all I do his hit my walls and not the mobs.

Please either fix it or give us a force attack button!


Ps: also please fix controller lag, I'm tired of hitting the air or not being able to kite and since I played regular DS I know it's not a ps4 hardware issue cause it works in DS

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