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  1. I think the new farming, although somewhat "better" than the old one, it still less efficient and very time consuming than pretty much any other food source, and nerfing everything else to force players to farm would be stupid (please don't do it ..., nerfing the bunnys is bad enough). So it may be nice to test it out, but I don't see it as "sticking around" and becoming mainstream. Same as the Wigfrid rework, not worth the hassle and its just better to keep on doing things as before. But at least the new farms look nice, there are even people using the new farms as carpet lol. Still, thanks to Klei for consistently giving us new content (y), that is one of the reasons I've been addicted to the DS franchise since I got DS on PS4 in 2014.
  2. Yes I did. You're telling me I wont be getting wormwood like I did on the PC version? That would be very unfair
  3. Ok, so now the game loads and it's Hamlet. Only thing I'm still missing is getting Wormwood on DST, but it's still locked Maybe it's a matter of waiting a bit longer?
  4. Hi. I bought the Hamlet DLC but when I play the game, I only get Shipwreck. The game has been updated and I have deleted and re-installed the game but always same result, I can only play Vanilla, R&G and shipwreck, no hamlet for me, and no wormwood on DST neither I'm in Portugal, and the game is v1.14, last update log "Hamlet DLC added" ...
  5. Ok, so now that makes more sense. I'll check that out tonight to see what skins I got these past days, maybe I got something good Many thanks MJ-.
  6. New update: Back to the same no skin yesterday and its been over 24h for sure since last skin, but I did get an ingame skin for playing, just not the daily one. It seems as if the "daily" skin became a 48h thing on the PS4, but I know its still 24h on PC cause I have the game on both. @Keli can I get some feedback from any of the devs? Thanks
  7. Update: Last night, I was playing for about a couple of hours, without event getting any skins) and when I decided to save&close the game, at relogin, I got the daily skin !!! So, it seems that whatever was wrong, only lasted a couple of days. Lets hope it stays ok, and most of all, that today we get the new Wigfrid update and that it is awsome since Wigfrid is my main
  8. I've had the "no animation" bug also, like a blank square but when I press X I get the skin, but since yesterday no animation and no skin, just normal game load ready to play, and I am online
  9. Hi, The last couple of days I'm not getting my daily skin when I log in my PS4. Was there any change to the daily skins mechanic on console?