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  1. Big city laggggg

    Once you get to much stuff on screen on the Ps4 version the game gets very laggy. I had a similar problem with a game I was developing for xbox 360. When I'd get too many enemies on the screen at once the game would get really choppy. What I had to do to fix it was limit how many entities were spawned in out of the list at once. I set mine to 50 I believe and it ran much smoother. Please do something similar as this issue is almost game breaking once you reach high levels and make a massive base. Obviously we could just build stuff in separate areas (which is what I've resorted to), but we shouldn't have to do that. ps. I wouldn't mind working for Klei. lol
  2. [PS4] New Tell-tale-heart skin is broken

    Why can't you haunt the new hearts still??