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this is my home!

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hello ! I'm a chinese player!

Show you my base!







My English is not very good,Please forgive me!thx!

my inspiration is come from a movie<Inverse world>,Upper strata is 4 nobles‘s room!Lower stratum is 8 slaves’s room!

There are 4 fountains on the left of the base,My luck is good!

welcome to china 缺氧吧(http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=缺氧&fr=index&red_tag=m3341434028#sub

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5 hours ago, Ciderblock said:

I'm really impressed that you made such a big base and kept it operational all in 134 cycles. I also like the theme of the base. How fast did you add more duplicants? Did any die?

My computer configuration is not very good,so I'm on the back....No one dies

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