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Where are thoses unwanted fluids come from ?

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I got a problem that gave consistent trouble in my base. There're some things that produce water, polluted air, and chlorine, but I don't now where it come from... I presume that the chlorine come from my soap dispenser and go down in my base, but it's not mentionned that it emmiting chlorine. Is it guilty ?

I'm almost sure that this gas doesn't come from the left side, I've locked the first door and they've been both closed a long time before the problem occured.

However I don't know at all what causes the emission of water in the bottom of the base (yellow square, second screen), and the polluted gas between the bathroom and the bedroom (red square, second screen)...

Here's some screenshots of my current base :



Seems I'm ready to begin a new one.

Thank you in advance anyway !

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Chlorine is released by bleach stone - and by hand sanitizers which use bleach stone as disinfectant.

The water may be coming from your compactors, if your dupes stored some ice in them. Sometimes it even turns to water while they're carrying it, so it may be creating puddles at completely unexpected places.

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To add to Kasuhas reply, make sure you don;t build vertical walls without first excavating/clearing an area propperly - things love to get stuck in walls (although if they have somewhere to "pop up" to, i.e. a horizontal floor - you're fine).

Ice can get stuck in tiles and will eventually melt as the surrounding air temp melts it.

As for chlorine, you've already circled the problem :D 

Check your storage compactors for "Liquifiable" and "Consumable ore > Bleach Stone" and store those elsewhere.

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