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  1. From the wiki "Liquid does not exchange heat with the bridge it flows through, but the bridge itself can transfer heat from the environment, so insulating materials should be used when placing a bridge across the walls of, say, a steam chamber." Bridges are also not classified as insulated so for thermal conductivity the average of materials is used in calculations. I remember doing this mistake once with a aquatuber/turbine combo and saw about 5% extra usage on the one with bridge connecting hot and cold sides. I have also seen some builds where people put a gas, liquid and wire bridge on top of each other to increase heat exchange over a tile.
  2. The bridge on the right side of the steam chamber can leak heat to the outside. If you use a bridge on the turbine water output and just pipe the coolant this is fixed
  3. I built a rocket platform and spacefarer module on top of it. Deconstructing the spacefarer module immediately after building it crashed the game.
  4. The telescope doesnt record any data on its uptime.
  5. I am still able to crash the game by deconstructing a nose cone. Just build the nose cone and deconstruct it immediately. No active tasks inside it. Reloading between building and deconstructing a nosecone does something and doesnt crash the game
  6. Plug slugs output depends on the level of food they have in their belly and happiness state. This thread has more info about the output
  7. My guess why it does that is each bar is a different asteroid. I calculated that it does 6 passes so its doing all 6 planets one by one and that is why its going back and forth. It could be explained better that its doing all planets one by one
  8. The planets are rendered side by side with neutronium blocking the line of sight to other planets. I went through all the overlays and currently Power, Plumbing, Ventilation, Germ, Farming, Exosuit, Automation, Conveyor, DIsinfect and Harvest overlays show items on the other side of the neutronium wall. Also dupes and sweepers picking items is seen through the fog. I zoomed out that far using the screenshot mode alt + S
  9. I havent fully mined out the first planet, but I am at about 100 tonns of sulphur. that is enough to make a lot of grubfruit preserve and get to a sour gas boiler
  10. This is because the animation doesnt show the real location of the dupe. I would guess the middle tile is where the dupe actually is when using telescope
  11. Currently the game has grubhub preserve +3 and pickled meal -1 that preserve for 16 cycles without anything. Pickled meal doesnt require anything and you have hundreds of tonns of dirt on all planets. Grubhub requires sulphur and 4kg sucrose. a single sweetle produces 10kg sucrose from 20 kg sulphur. Berry Sludge +3 made from sleet wheat and Bristle berry does spoil ever. It is cooked on the Microbe musher so germs arent removed and might need a chlorine bath to be safe. Sleet wheat is a bit harder to grow, but with pips you can grow them naturally in some area. So you already have 3 options there. Those preservation times work for most missions
  12. When a dupe is delivering life support items to buildings it says the dupes current errand is "Life Support Supply to Bubbles" if their name is Bubbles. Construction supply and other supply jobs as you can see have proper targets from the errand list. Edit: the bug is only for Oxygen Diffuser.
  13. You can see the dupe faces not disappearing when scrolling down in the skills tab