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  1. I had the bunker door at 0k bug happen to my petroleum rocket, so it doesnt matter what kind of rocket breaks the bunker doors.
  2. You can check it from the reports screen. Open it from top left(lightning icon), hover over one of the duplicant time usage % and it shows a huge tooltip. One of those is ponder and is the total amount all of your dupes spent pondering that cycle
  3. When my rocket came through my steel doors that were still closed and broke them they were cooled down to absolute zero(-273.2C). I noticed this because I got the achievement to cool something to 6K from breaking the doors. No repairing errands were created for the doors when this happened.
  4. The best way to cool a metal refinery is using petroleum as coolant. You run the coolant under a steam turbine and have one temperature sensor so that you cant boil the petroleum
  5. Last two lines of all room descriptions have the wrong spot for new line. This is atleast in 1920x1080 screen resolution
  6. Looking at room overlay and different room requirements. Rooms that provide moral bonus have their "Room Effect" on the wrong line
  7. This could be the bug where critter feeders get entombed by regolith and then you clear that tile. That for some reason causes the feeder to become bugged. The way to go around the bug before they fix it is by rebuilding the feeder or reselecting regolith in it.
  8. When a dupe mining falling regolith needs to express themselves they can't do it. Instead they get an extra expression that they store in their errands. They complete them all one by one when they are done mining. So after a dupe has mined 20 tile high regolith stack they might have 20 expressions that they need to do. Camille here only needs to express herself 16 times after she has mined the last few blocks...
  9. The bunker doors arent fully open in the picture. The door part disappears completely when the doors are open and untill that happens nothing goes past
  10. Dupes can build and plant a hanging plot in a 5 high room. When trying to uproot the plant its not possible in a 5 high room. So the only way to uproot a plant in 5 high room is to deconstruct and then rebuild and replant.
  11. I think this is the bug that when shove voles make regolith tiles on top of the feeders the feeders stop working. Mining the tile should make the feeder work again, but it doesnt
  12. My rocket with a solid rocket thruster just landed from a mission and shows full fuel. It isnt consumed like other fuels. Is this intended behaviour or a bug?
  13. Rocket ready to land wont disappear. You can even have multiple messages from the same rocket in the list. Also the tooltip has the word "SaveGame" instead of the name of the rocket landing. Reloading game removes all ready to land messages
  14. Dupe errand list shows errands they arent allowed or dont need to do at the moment. In the picture you can see that turner isnt allowed to eat vitamin chews, but still has the errand for it. He also has a de-stress erand with massage tables set to 50% and he at 0% stress.