Scary Moments (When Starving is not the problem)

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You go out, on a sunny day, pick up some carrots and berries. 32 of them enough?. you keep on exploring and exploring. You find the pig village with the king pig. Yeeeaa!! you are happy. Now to find some beefalos. You find 20 of them, then 30, 40 and even 50. Enough meat for several days. Now to find rocks for the gold and the golden tools.You get the gold, you make the tools, but somehow, exploring and exploring you find yourself at least 2 days away from that small pig village you found in the beginning of the game. To top it all, you just had to walk through 2 BIG swamps crawling with creepy, blood sucking tentacles from hell that somehow tend to appear "just" in your walking line. Anyway after passing 2 big swamps (Did I mention holy mother of god BIG!! LONG SWAMPS!!) you find the precious minerals for your tools just to be 2 days away.What to do... what to do?You look at the map and see an opening. There is a very small part you haven't explore that might go around the swamps, avoiding all the tentacles and making your return easier.Oh Oh!, it is almost night time, you better get ready. You do a quick search around the place where you will settle to sleep for 1 night. No enemies. Just a small open space and several trees.I guess I'll make my camp here for the night and tomorrow test that new section I did not explore.You make your camp nice and comfy. You take your golden axe out for a spin. Cut one tree. Nice!. Cut another. Very nice!. Getting the hang of it. See that small tree over there. Let's chop it down. See that other tree, just in the border of the camp light. No problem, I think I can get the wood after chopping it down.You chop it. You grab the wood and suddenly WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!It's TREEFOOT!!. One smack and am down for good.That monster is really not for the faint of heart. Scared the hell out of me. Very good Klei Devs, Very good indeed.

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That's another mob that scared me. Was not expecting the father of all crows to pop there and not only that but have "an eye on me". Also running away from them is really tough, the only thing that could help is a bunch of pigmen, tentacles from hell or the PC crashing.

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Yes, you are ^^. That thing was so fast my character had to learn to make a car just to have a chance at outrunning them. Next thing I know THEY have cars! Here is an image I took while driving away:post-669-13764589263579_thumb.jpg

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