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Haven't been around in ages... but I'm back! What's new?

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Well, I have been focusing tons on other games, occasionally taking notice and seeing Don't Starve updated, added a new expansion, Shipwrecked, which I bought but never played, and now, I actually am gonna put time to play this game again!

Tons of things changed with default Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, and this new Shipwrecked supposedly changed a lot but you can just talk about what one should expect with this mode currently rather than listing the changes and updates bit by bit.

I also haven't managed to keep up with various bits of lore and secrets for a long time. Last thing I did was a series of puzzles. I got help, and got to a weird website with a weird mod to download. Also did puzzles with help, and got to weird links with weird images. I'd love to know if anything new happened since my time last playing when Reign of Giants was newer.

As always, I provide whatever I can of what I remember, I try not to leave big spoilers and leave various secrets vague in finding them and their contents.

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