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  1. Another topic to discuss is Koalaphants. These massive creatures are surprisingly extremely non-aggressive. Bigger than adult Beefalo and possessing more meat as well as an unique trunk like appendage, Koalaphants appear to be solitary creatures, avoiding all sources of danger, and only fighting back temporarily, either until they can escape or until their threat is dead... they prefer escape apparently. Koalaphants also exist in multiple forms, each having different amount of fur and fur color. Koalaphants in warm seasons often have fur colors of red and brown. Koalaphants in cold seasons have fur color of white, grey, and blue. The fur qualities are also different. So little is known of Koalaphants beyond this, as they are reclusive and hard finds, and even when you do track their footprints to them, they can travel great distances quickly, leaving one with little options if one is to either observe them or catch them.
  2. My next topic to discuss is Beefalo. They are large massive Bovine that have horns, a thick coat of fur, and are known to be docile under 'most' circumstances. They are very protective of eachother and will defend eachother. Beefalo have been known to wander the plains, but also the grassland as well, and have a tendency to be in a herd when doing so. Beefalo have been known to enter a state in which they breed once every Season, which lasts 1 week, in which they are increasingly dangerous, as they will attack any non-Beefalo that approach them. After this mating Season a Beefalo will be pregnant for 12 hours, and give birth almost instantly at the end. Young Beefalo follow their parent and herd, but will attempt to flee at the approach of any potentially hostile source. A parent will also attack anything that approaches their child, and the entire herd will attack any hostile being attacking the young Beefalo or its parent. A young Beefalo will become an adult after one year passes. A Beefalo Herd will reach its maximum size at 1 dozen at which at least 3 Beefalo will leave the Herd to form their own. A few final notes... Beefalo Fur is an important resource, but it cannot be gathered from Beefalo while they are awake and active or young. Beefalo are also an important source of Meat, and when adults are slain produce a large amount of it.
  3. This is my final Thread topic I'm making for today and it is on Arachnids. Indeed there is only so much we know of Arachnids in DNS. Surface Arachnids include Spiders, Warrior Spiders, and Queen Spiders. These spiders are entirely dependent on the size of a Spider Nest. To put things simply, Spider Nests start small, but grow larger and larger the longer the spiders are allowed to grow and multiply at a Nest. A medium Nest will have Warrior Spiders, stronger than normal Spiders, and they jump short distances. A large Nest will have a small chance at having a Queen Spider, a powerful giant spider that can spawn other spiders while moving. I need not go into details on these creepy crawlers, other than that they prodive spider glands and spider silk, both of which are very important for your survival and prosperity in this harsh cruel world. Underground Arachnids appear to come from nests as well, but these nests are different from many. Cave Spider Nests exist inside naturally formed rocks and boulders and stone spikes. The nests spawn several types of Cave Spider. Cave Spiders include Jumping Spiders to Spitting Spiders. They each have adapted its own form of taking down prey, but they all use teamwork combining abilities together for hunting. They all are much like their surface kin in that they provide two important resources.
  4. Insects in the strange Dimension apparently each are somewhat unique compared to what is understood of their normal counterparts. This goes into detail of Butterflies, Fireflies, and Bees, as well as Mosquitos in the game. Butterflies in this game apparently are not as we understand, and the same is with flowers. Uniquely, not a single Character can identify what the flowers in the game are. However, it has been discovered that the FLOWERS SPAWN BUTTERFLIES. Apparently, after that, BUTTERFLIES CAN BE PLANTED THEMSELVES FOR MORE FLOWERS!!! It is quite apparent that the flowers and butterflies in this game are a part of or connected to the same species as eachother. They both also seem to be able to mutate! Nightmare energy effects Butterflies and can transform them. Also, Evil flowers can cause Butterflies to create MORE EVIL FLOWERS! Considering evil flowers appear to be fleshy and bony and even with fangs and spikes, it is quite possible that evil flowers are just more like insects than good flowers. Fireflies are also unique, as they can exist and breed in all seasons, never going dormant, and never losing their glow.Fireflies do die in captivity and fast, which brings up an odd and unique situation with resource management for players. They are seen easiest at night, when the glow is most obvious to see. Bees are even more unique in this game. There are Bees and Killer Bees. While a normal Beehive contains both, with Killer Bees only unleashed upon the Beehive taking damage, Wasphives always have Killer Bees and only Killer Bees. Both Hives will create more Killer Bees, replacing all lost ones every 24 hours. In addition, Bees will also increase in number at Beehives to the point of Hive Expansion. This allows a normal Beehive to produce more Killer Bees. Fortunately, there is a good reason to have Beehives. Honey is dropped by all Bees as well as Stingers. Killing Bees is risky business though, and a smart person will instead make a Bee farm, by collecting a HoneyComb from a wild BeeHive. Mosquitos are the final insects of note, they appear from Ponds that exist next to or inside Swamps and Marshes. They are oversized versions of the ones we know of, and worse, they will constantly attack you until you die or they grow too full to attack, as they grow with the more they suck blood out of you. Mosquitos start out few at a Pond, but if they are left unchecked, and not killed, or they breed by feeding a lot, they can become a major problem. Mosquitos are luckily not a danger in Winter when Ponds freeze. With these things seperating insects from this Dimension from those we know, we at least can be more prepared and create plans and strageties for dealing with them and making use of them. Hopefully this is all there is with these odd insects and their peculair traits.
  5. Tallbirds and Smallbirds and Teenbirds, all the same bird, all have a similar diet, none have the same mentality. These birds seem to all be willing to eat Seeds in any form, and the larger ones will eat even other forms of small foods, like Berries. Tallbirds are the adult stage, they are aggressive and destructive, specifically in regards to the area around their nest, and with their eggs. A Tallbird will lay 1 large egg the size of its body every week. The Tallbird will protect this egg, and endlessly hunt down anything that carries or eats the egg. If the Tallbirds egg hatches, which involves it being kept very warm at night and cool at day, it hatches to a Smallbird. Smallbirds are affectionate followers to whoever hatches them, whether player or Tallbird. They will fight to protect their parent, which can get them killed. Also, they need to be fed, manually, which requires the Player to feed their Smallbird frequently lest it starve. If a Smallbird survives, after a year it becomes a Teenbird. Teenbirds are rowdy, they will no longer follow orders or defend you constantly. And if not fed, they will either eat the nearest food they can find, or attack you. They are much larger at this point and the behavior is semblance to any creature that seeks to move on in its life when it acheives adulthood... Teenbirds require more time to become an adult Tallbird though. Unique fact... Tallbird nests are made of Beefalo Fur... Unique fact... They still prefer seeds over berries when grown...
  6. Clockwork Creatures on a large scale seem to tie their origins to Maxwell, who had created them as well as numerous Marble statues. Maxwell takes great pride in them and the Marble objects all over this realm. In spite of this, it does appear there are select Clockwork creatures not tied to Maxwell, and they exist underground. These along with Thulecite and Nightmare machines bring numerous questions. The Clockwork Creatures on a whole are apparently tied to this realm, but only most are tied to Maxwell, and the remainder leaves unanswered questions. Hopefully someone will discover the lost connections we seek.
  7. Pigmen, are apparently beings that have existed at this dimension even before Maxwell. They are apparently simplistic beings, not very intelligent, and in general are normally friendly. Pigmen appear to be incredibly selfish, and yet regardless they co-operate to form villages and tribes. Pigmen tribes can form a town with the purpose of basic farming, or aggressive territorial killers, killing anything not of their kind that enters said area. Pigmen can apparently build with grass, twigs, and even wood, but in general are too lazy to do anything on their own. They may build houses, and even Tiki Totems... and even Grass skirts... and they know what fire is, and find it important and valuable, but all this sadly only suggests that they can never create anything beyond the most basic commodities and utilities. Pigmen are also apparently in some lasting war or conflict with Mermen. It is also known specific Pigmen are Wereboars, and Wereboars will hunt and kill anything alive they can, but prefer to kill the Player and non-combat creatures over monsters, which they will hunt and kill when nothing else in sight. Wereboars transform at night. Lastly, normal Pigmen can become Wereboars temporarily under specific circumstances, among these tend to be tied to monsters and nightmare energies.
  8. A neat thing to mention is that Wickerbottom the Librarian has an abnormal amount of knowledge on this dark dimension and its inhabitants, and considering she has knowledge that extends to magic that she is far more knowing on everything in comparison to other characters. In spite of this, and her knowing what most plants, animals, monsters, etc are and do etc, she also makes notice whenever there is a specific creature or the like she has little or no knowledge of. She inheritly can identify mushrooms for whether the purpose is food, poison, or medicine, she appears to have detailed knowledge on specific forms of animals that wander the surface in Vanilla DNS... however, in spite of this, there is no knowledge possessed on specific rare or powerful beings, like Tentacles, Deerclops, Treeguard, for example. This is a neat thing I made note of ever since she was an unlockable character and I played as her examining everything and I mean EVERYTHING in the game.
  9. I played this game during the BETA, long before it was available to everyone on Steam... thus, long before the tons of characters and content, and the purchasable expansion, and before the whole multiplayer thing was even mentioned, let alone thought possible. I was always obsessed with studying and collecting information about a strange world that was exotic, deadly, and unexplored. In the time I've played I've discovered many unique things about quite a few of the characters, creatures, relics, and then some. I thought I'd make this thread simply to put together everything I'd discovered. Other people are also welcome to add things to this thread, but please keep theories and rumors to a low, it would be nice to just have things we have complete certainty on, rather than people making up stuff and then arguing because no side has proof on what is true. So... this thread will have me, and others, posting what has been discovered as fact about the odd dimension the player's character is sucked into, and what exactly is discovered about each character, as well as each form of life and mysterious object found. We might eventually run out of facts, and need to rely on updates as well as things mentioned from Klei. We also may eventually need to make use of even more cryptic methods of learning, such as the rare symbols and letters seen in every trailer Klei makes and hides them in. Hopefully we will spread light on things. And please... if something is a spoiler to a critical part of the storyline and or game progression, make sure that you warn people of it being so and properly make it as such.
  10. The Ending is a unique part of the game. Everything that happened... it seems that it was a complex story of honor and loyalty, betrayal and insanity. I was quite saddened by the game ending I chose, but was too worried that the other option was so MUCH worse. I chose to kill Ora, I hoped to kill the madness, the hallucination I had been experiencing, and killed myself by doing so, as apparently, me and Ora were one and the same being.I could have killed Azai, but Azai had been one who had been suffering for so long, and his own suffering and shame had been occurring for the betterment of the clan. Azai had wanted his clan to survive, to survive as in the modern world, as modern ninjas, using modern technology.Sure, Azai may have manipulated you, but he never truly lied to you, and he merely wanted the clan to survive, to continue.Ora, what did she want? She was the voice of hatred, madness, and selfishness. She was the effects of the poison driving you insane. She may not have truly lied to you either... but she was an entity that was not real, and an entity of pure evil.If you choose to kill Azai, Ora also demanded that you cleave a path of bloodshed, murder, destruction and torment. I don't care if Ora was a voice of reason. Azai was good. Ora was evil. Azai suffered for others. Ora thought for herself, which was you.I'm hoping that the new content for the game will add more though. I felt the decision your were forced to choose between was extremely limiting. Two choices, two deaths, no choice of doing both or neither... even if it does not add these two new choices I want, if it adds further clarity/resolution I shall be happy.