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[TUTORIAL] How to create a set piece

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Bunions    150

Wow awesome I have been asking around and trying to learn more about this behind the scenes. 

Timely and appreciated!

By the way do you 2 gents use the DST Modders Discord?

Your brains would be welcome there too!

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Lumina    2149
2 hours ago, Kronas said:

i read this but what's a "setpiece" 

A set piece is an ensemble of objets that you can find in the world of don't starve.

For example, this is a set piece :


It's a killer bee set piece, when 3 wasphive are surrounded by grass. Some are garanteed to spawn in a world (bee queen, toadstool in cave, pig kind...), most of them are random.

A set piece could be beneficial to the player (pig king), detrimental, both, neutral... Pretty much everything you want. For example, the killer bee set piece is both detrimental (killer bee are dangerous, and the wasphive are close together), and beneficial (if you can destroy the nest you have honeycomb and a nice spot of grass to harvest).

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359368170    1238

EXM? I need some help with Tiled.

I put all tiles I could found and only get several tiles.



I changed mud 's pic, never mind.

So here is the constants of tiles in game date. And which I put in the pic.



As you see, some tile sets were failed in game.

I want to find the desert tile. Could you pls help me?

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