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  1. ADVANCE!!!!!! ADVAAAAAAANCE!!!!!!!!!!! FORGIVE ME LMAO i just love wickerbottom she look so witchy
  2. just few questions would help me out what's the difference between ANIM and ATLAS
  3. i read this but what's a "setpiece" pardon my stupid question if i missed something
  4. ah maan i'm looking for this too since i can draw and animate already x_X
  5. OH MY GOD you ARE still around , i was losing hope thinking no helpful peeps around anymore so i kept seeking info as muhc as possible there is also a big issue i have you see i created 3 character mods all of them work smoothly with no bugs but the only issue is i can't enable more then 1 of them yes i used esctemplate example to create them all but for some reason they don't start a server together like i can only turn on 1 of them other wise the game will stop responding when i start generating the world what could be the possible issues you may think of ? i'm really dying for an answer to this issue
  6. UHHH wait how do i make him eat MEAT ONLY not veg i really am looking for that but UGH can't find anything that can help so please ;w;" want my character to eat meat only i added strong stomach so its fine with monster meat