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A few (random) questions

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I have a few questions about some game mechanics, i hope you can help me figure out how to deal with those

1- I've read that the Bearger will "passively" follow the player and, if he had to encounter any kind of chest, he would empty it seeking for food. Will building walls around my base stop the giant from doing this, or will he just smash the wall down just to see what's in my chest? 

2- Poisonus Birchnut trees spawn when cutting down a Birchnut tree. What happens if i just ignore them? Will they turn back to a normal tree ready to be chopped down later on? Or will it just become poisonus again as soon as i get closer later on?

3- Spider queen : same question as before.. i've read spider queens turn back into a spider den if ignored, but will the new spawned spider den be dangerous once again? But more important.. can you outrun the spider queen like you would outrun any normal spider?

4- Frost hounds .. is there a way not to get frozen on killing them? 

Thanks to those who will help me figure out how those mechanics work! 

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1 - Yes, and walls won't save you. Actually never build walls for non-décor/elaborate build purposes ever, they're worthless for basic base protection.

2 - Poison Birchnuts will eventually turn back, I don't know any specific time at the moment though.

3 - Why should you have to outrun a Spider Queen? But yeah, you can outrun them. The Spider den they spawn is instantly dangerous if memory serves.

4 - Campfire or be patient enough to defrost between hounds.


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2. As far as i know, they will return in a normal state if let alone enough. But you could calm them by planting birchnut too.

3. The spider den is like any spider den, with 3 stade and becoming a spider queen after. If you already have too many spider den, the best is to destroy it when it's still in the first stage. Yes you could outrun the spider queen, she is probably even slower than some spiders.

4. Yes. When you kill one hound, you just have a icy shade on you, but aren't frozen. It's when you kill 2 of them too soon that you are frozen. Step 1 : icy shade, Step 2 : frozen.

If you want to avoid being frozen, wait a moment, until you lost the icy shade.


Hope it can help.


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