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In one of the maps I played.. and died I had killed all but 2 of the "cows" or "buffaloes" and I started wondering if they would breed somehow, since they were my main source for meat (saves me time and I can focus on many other things). But my curiosity was not left there. I was wondering if (If not, then will it be implemented in a future version?) if the following could breed:+ Cows/Buffaloes/Whatever the big thing is+ Bees (Up to a larger maximum than the current one)+ Spiders (Maybe a spider egg level 1 could start growing till level 3 and spawn nearby a level 1 spider egg. Again, until a maximum amount of spider eggs are detected nearby). Making it a spider lair of some sorts.+ Any other animal or enemy with possible breeding chance.

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Breeding beefalos sounds great. It would be automatic, a natural process; babyfalos spawning if the population is below, let's say, 40? The worlds should spawn with 30 beefalos in it so one could see from the beginning that they breed. Once they reach 40, they stop breeding. Also, it should be a natural but slow process. Perhaps it should take like 5 days for a single new babyfalo to be born, so you don't slaughter them for the meat without worrying they go extinct.

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