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1. I want to make my own army to fight aliens in order to expand land in deeper level. (maybe gun factory is needed)
2. Disaster! (Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption) 
3. Destroy only what I want to destroy (currently there is no way to only destroy a electronic pipeline) 
4. awesome scientific features  like teleport, etc..
5. HUGE Monster! (maybe twice as bigger as duplicants
6. water looks strange.. 
7. transport like fast elevators or trains (the tunnels do not need oxygen) 
8. I wanna contain alien lives to produce some meats or something useful. (it's like chicken or cow in Earth) 

Sorry my awkward English. 

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On 1. 4. 2017 at 4:52 AM, AndersonJo said:

Destroy only what I want to destroy (currently there is no way to only destroy a electronic pipeline) 

There is. Activate the deconstruct tool, then choose what you want to deconstruct in the menu at the bottom right. If you switch to an overlay, you'll be even able to deconstruct only things highlighted in that overlay (wires, pipes)


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1: More monsters and combat for sure would be interesting to see, same for #5

2: Similarly to the geyser there could be a node for lava (volcanic eruption), earthquake (or impact of another asteroid?) could shake up your base, hurt some dupes, require you to repair machinery and maybe even break soft tiles that are not connected to a lot of other tiles (say, less than 3 connections on sandstone) with a certain probability. A new material could improve resistance of machinery/tiles against those impacts (in rooms you want to avoid opening, like your gas storage)

3: was already answered.
4: More progress/in depth research of course would be needed to increase the playtime till research is no longer possible. Maybe add other pre-requirements to unlock certain research, like mining/producing and collecting a certain resource, that matches the research. For example any seed for food, algae for oxygen, abyssalite for thermal insulation...

6: Not much I can say about that.

7: I imagine speed could be improved and heat production reduced, if the shaft/tunnel is evacuated.

8: Meat as source of nutrition and breeding of monsters would be very helpful, for example to increase the number of hatches to increase coal production.


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