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Food or Food Box breath in CO2 ?

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I pump up my Food Box Room with Carbondioxide at 1000g atmosphere. as time goes by 30 cycles later, CO2 dissipate ? only in Food Room ?

at first I thought CO2 has just leak out, But that's 56kg carbondioxide. It shouldn't has 120g inside and 430g outside.


Though other area has normal CO2 atmosphere ... very normal to the point of contamination. 

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Can't know since the area outside is full of CO2.  Food don't breathe CO2.  However, door maybe leaking gas.  This was supposed to fixed awhile ago.  I see that your door is unpowered, so maybe the CO2 left your room due to slow door?  Or there maybe bug with unpowered door leaking gas.  You need to evacuate the CO2 around your room and pump in back into the room to test if there is a leak.

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you can use a gas filter and valve as a pressure sensitive  bypass on your fridge. build your filter for co2 loop its co2 out back to the filters out lead. attach a valve to that line of pipes set for max. build pipes from valve to fridge. filter is being filter valve detects if the line is full then pushes excess back out into you main drain line. the game glitches and you loose pressure for no reason at times. had a hydrogen bubbler magically empty for no reason.DE464D31F212031B14D18DC2A8048C2A8417FAAB

my fridge also has refrigeration from  the cold water flowing through the pipes in the shot

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