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Found 3 results

  1. I have a "block" of CO2 that's blocking liquids, instead of pushing up into the air above the water. This is the problem with having only one compound exist within a "block" at a time. With gases not mixing, and not even being able to be in the same "block" as liquids, there are more than a few atmospheric bugs. Air is usually a mixture of a lot of gases. Why the decision to separate gases?
  2. So, I'm sure this got answered somewhere but I can't find it. Why is atmosphere so anti-social? There is absolutely no realistic place where 20 grams of Carbon Dioxide will push 2kg of pure O2 out of the way. Nevermind that pure O2 isn't air and is actually dangerous in large quantities/pressures, but that's a 'How dang complex do we want this' question vs. realism, which isn't the confusion for me. So, I've been wondering as my tiny little red pockets wander around the base... what was the driver of this decision? Mechanics, or dev simplification? Mechanics could be driven by many things, such as not having to constantly filter EVERY gas you ever wanted to touch, more interesting and difficult environment manipulations (like switching farms over to high CO2 deposits to remove variables), or other possibilities I hadn't thought of. Simplicity could simply be that the background state of the instance for each grid of base doesn't handle percentages and they decided it simply wasn't worth pursuing, or some other head scratcher in Unity or something else that I'm unaware of, such as a race condition that doesn't play well with the 'atmosphere moves' components. It is incredibly non-intuitive, either way, and a real headscratcher when you first start to truly learn what the atmosphere systems are doing because you can't understand why the plant that's sitting in your incredibly overpressurized base is complaining about being *under*pressured, and you start to really stare at it to see what's going on.
  3. So, it puzzled me to see that this update removed the water reservoir in the dupes' omnigun, and forced them to rely on a manual pump to fill water bottles, which per-se is not a bad idea. But how come something as important is not yet implemented for its gaseous counterpart? So without further ado, here's the rough sketch of the gas management system: Building: Canister assembler Allows duplicants to manufacture empty gas canisters, at the cost of 500 raw metal a piece Item: Gas canister Can hold up to 100kg of gas inside it. Can explode if the gas inside excessively expands, such as when overheated Building: Compressor Receives input from a gas pipe, and compresses the gas to store it inside a canister So, we have our compressed gas, woot! What to do with it now? Applications are limitless to be honest. First is the obvious advantage of being able to clear a room full of chlorine, without the hassle of building a separate, locked room specifically to toss all the unwanted chlorine in there. But then there are several others, such as... Building: Gas release point Accepts a gas canister, and allows its contents to flow into a gas pipe, at a custom flow rate. This can be used for several applications, such as hastily delivering oxygen to dupes working in lower levels, without having to build a gas pump and a long pipe system, but it can be used as well to feed a hydrogen or natural gas generator. Building: Oxygen therapy clinic Requires compressed oxygen to accelerate duplicant recovery in respiratory diseases (slimelung) Building: Ozone generator Uses compressed oxygen and high voltage to generate Ozone, which kills bacteria at a very fast rate, but also hurts dupes who are exposed for too long. Ozone breaks down back into oxygen after half a cycle, or when it reduces a bacterial population.