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Massage tables auto-use

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I think, the massage tables could be improved to auto-use when a certain threshold of stress is reached by a duplicant (something similar to a battery threshold, when the generators begin recharging it). It would certainly improve large colonies (with a lot of dupes) management.

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I believe this occurs to everybody at certain stage just like it occurred to you, but on second thought, it would render stress completely irrelevant for the gameplay - just build a few massage tables and you're good forever.

I wish the game made stress handling a bit more convenient - 'Stress' could be an alert message (like how vomiting/lashing is), not just an info message. And when I click on a massage table, it could show me stress levels of duplicants in the list. But apart of that, I believe the part where you need to manually assign a duplicant to a table should stay.

You also always have an option to invest into decor at key places and take it easier on your dupes, keeping stress near zero all the time.


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Having to manually reassign the dupes constantly isn't fun - a game should be fun.

We are the mind that sets the direction and what to do, for most we're not needed to micro-manage and we imho also shouldn't when it comes to massage tables.

PS: I would be fine with an additional game mode where you would have to direct every single move of the dupes (eating, toilet, whatever) as long as I'm not forced to suffer from it.

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