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  1. Yup, I reported the same issue a while back:
  2. Yup, despite the fact the box itself remained cold, as soon as some warmer gas entered the same tile, it became unrefrigerated. So, false alarm, I guess.
  3. There might be something wrong with the Ration Box. I tried to create a cold storage for food, using wheezeworts. When the ration box is empty it says 'refrigerated'. But as soon as I put some meal lice inside, it becomes 'unrefrigerated'. Unrefrigerated - 211867.sav
  4. I agree with you, something is wrong here and could be improved.
  5. Another example. This 'unreachable' tile became 'reachable' only when a dupe went underwater to perform another task (which was deconstruct and reconstruct two bottom ladder tiles. After he did that, he went left to dig some of that underwater dirt, until he ran out of oxygen and went upstairs to breathe. As he went away from the digging, those tiles became unreachable again, and dupes don't go back to dig more).
  6. I have encountered a few weird 'unreachable' cases. I could reach that tile only after building some ladders around:
  7. It's weird, but when I loaded the save file and turned the power back on, the gas went through all TRs as it should, no need for different way of connecting etc. Just in case, I'll upload the save file, but it seems pointless now. Dreamland 1.sav
  8. I deconstructed all three TRs and builded them again. This time I have connected them slightly different and all is working fine now. So it might not be such a big deal. It looks like only the connection method matters.
  9. Hello, when I tried to connect one Thermo Regulator to another one, the gas didn't want to go through, to another TR. I tried to deconstruct the "faulty" pipe tile and install a new one, but it didn't help.