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Water Cooling

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1 hour ago, Lafara said:

umm ... approximately -20 W per carrot. by my observation.

How did you get that number?  If that was the case, one wheezewort and one space heater in the same space shouldn't affect the temperature much.


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I've found the solution to instantly cool geyser water.

Water is entering the system with 70 degrees Celsius. And near pump it has ~8 degrees Celsius.

It doesn't need any electricity. It dosen't need plenty of Wheezworts also. In my setup only one Wheezewort doing cooling part (on the bottom of technical access tunel between water tower and main reservoir. Rest of those Wheezeworts are there just for protecting the biome from melting. :) And I am afraid that they might freeze my water...

The key to success here was thin corridor at the very bottom (1 tile high) made from Gas Permeable Tiles. Preferably with more width (here I have 4 tiles which are doing their job nicely). As soon as water exits this corridor its temperature is varying between 5-20 degrees which is perfect.



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