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What is the best prank you've ever pulled on a new player (evil, yes..)?

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I won't grief, period, and I'd only ever prank a friend IRL who was just starting and I was like over-their-shoulder advising them.  (which doesn't happen)  So I think this probably isn't my thread....


But I will gladly acknowledge that I do like a bit of humor.  The wrong-ness of seeing Wes being played is practically a prank on it's own -- and I have definitely tried RPing Wes by not talking in chat but only using emotes.


But actively harming another player who isn't a RL friend ...   yeah, I can't do that.  Sorry.



{edit:  That seeding moleworms near the portal is subtle though, and almost not-griefing given how nice a backpack full of moleworms is once you find the flint somewhere else.....)

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I don't usually do things like this, but when I see clueless newbies using the console (clearly) and claiming they got it all vanilla I need to have some fun.


Like the time I saw someone who spawned in a massive base on day 12 using ancient altars for lighting. (must've read the wiki.)

"Hey, type c_gonext("lava_pond") in the console"
"oh ok lolol is it cool"
Owner was killed by dragonfly.
(note: this was right around the time RoG was introduced to DST.)


or one time when someone trolled everyone by spawning in hordes of gunpowder to nuke them.
I survived long enough to craft a purple staff.
and walked right next to them, and told them to hit me with their best shot.
Owner was killed by gunpowder.


Then someone thought the only way to defend their base was via a ton of shootiuses and flingos everywhere. I'm fine with noobs requesting protection but this guy said he built it all from scratch. Sure buddy, you got houndius shootius before the caves update.

Went wig and killed all the shootiuses, hammered the flingos and burnt the place down.
I told them it all happened because I accidentally hit a butterfly with a torch.
They believed it.

This is pretty much all I have, but I like to imagine that dude is still hyper paranoid of burning butterflies.

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