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The Ancient Gateway and cave world generation

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I heard once from someone that the way you enter the heart of the ruins is a bit meh, with the whole giant tentacle. Unless this has something very significant to do with the lore, then I think I have come up with a more interesting way of getting to the heart of the ruins: The Ancient Gateway.


Essentially it could function kind of like the teleportato does in single player; you craft a divining rod, find certain pieces of the gateway via it (perhaps a boss could hold onto one of them, so the divining rod would lead you to the boss first instead, so, say, toadstool for instance) and then you would need to assemble all of these pieces to enter the gateway. It could look similar to an actual gate perhaps, or be more like a stairway, but anyway, once you have all the pieces assembled, you could enter through it in order to get to the heart of the ruins.

Oh, and, I recall the developers once talking about how the caves could be generated more like a layered doughnut, in a sense, so you would have the entrances at the edges, and more dangerous things near the center. The ruins themselves could be nearer to the center actually and the heart of the ruins at the very center of it, albeit you couldn't see the heart of the ruins from the ruins edges yourself until you are at the heart of the ruins, but you could see, by mapping out the caves that there is a big hole for the map of the caves i you explore enough, hinting for something mysterious being there. The guardian could perhaps guard the ancient gateway/stairway too perhaps, so he would be more of a guardian than just a keeper for the ruins portal key.

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On a serious note, this is a really good idea. My idea was to use a Lazy Deserter channeled by shadows or something creepy, to link the Antlion.


Never thought about doing what the Teleportato did.


I'll draw up a Layered Doughnut world later... probably.

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