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godmode not working?

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my girlfriend bought shipwrecked and really enjoys it. however, she is not really into fighting (and plays wendy therefore). she died several times after 30ish days because of the hurricane boss. i told her to use godmode and kill this boss with it.. she tried it but she said, it didn't work.. she still got killed by it.


is this a bug?

how can she avoid facing this boss?

she just wants to build her base and go fishing and stuff like this ._.

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She could always, y'know, get gud. Don't Starve is supposed to be unforgiving to those unwilling to learn. Now I could run you step-by-step on how to activate godmode, or I can offer you genuine advice to relay to her.

For starters, bosses usually despawn if you head far enough away from them. But the Sealnado has a reward worth killing it for. Turbine Blades can be crafted into the absolute best "sail" in the game. This is great even for the casuals, as gears for refueling are abundant in Shipwrecked via Floaty Boaty Knights.

Strike it twice, move out of it's striking range before it hits you, then repeat this process. This is known as "kiting", and works for virtually any mob in the game. When it raises it's arms, run far away until it's offscreen, and then some. Let it come to you after that. I'll assume she's just face tanking it and getting sucked up into it. That's the problem, as the attack does huge damage, drains sanity, and throws some items away. As a small note, she probably shouldn't fight it near her base, as it can and will destroy structures. Find an empty area nearby when a warning from the character is recieved.

Following this strategy, she could kill it even without armor. Just gotta be sure to keep a good rhythem and not panic if hit.

Even if you don't read this, at least I tried...

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