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Help with run stategraph?

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The idea is to change how the character runs, Animation is no problem, that is already handled. Now what I might, infact, I indeed need help with, is how to call the stategraph properly to modify it

 Whenever I tried to modify it by calling AddStategraphPostInit("wilson",  function(sg) failed by the character no longer being able to move, mostly due to how many different states the run has. I know very little on the part of stategraphs so some help would be super appreciated.

Before I have tried something like this

AddStategraphPostInit("wilson",  function(sg)
			local _run_start_onenter = sg.states.idle.onenter
	sg.states.run_start.onenter = function(inst)
		if inst:HasTag("xxx") and inst.AnimState:IsCurrentAnimation("run_pre") then
		local _run_onenter = sg.states.idle.onenter
	sg.states.run.onenter = function(inst)
		if inst:HasTag("xxx") and inst.AnimState:IsCurrentAnimation("run_loop") then
			inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("xxxrun_loop", true)
					local _run_stop_onenter = sg.states.idle.onenter
	sg.states.run_stop.onenter = function(inst)
		if inst:HasTag("xxx") and inst.AnimState:IsCurrentAnimation("run_pst") then

it didn't work at all, as I mentioned before, character could no longer move. Again, any tips or help with be super appreciated!

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