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  1. Hello, I'm currently running into the following error when attempting to switch my characters build, bank, and stategraph then attempt to move. [00:01:28]: [string "../mods/Whisper/scripts/stategraphs/SGmolep..."]:551: attempt to call method 'SetUnderPhysics' (a nil value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: ../mods/Whisper/scripts/stategraphs/SGmolep.lua:551 in (field) onenter (Lua) <550-557> scripts/stategraph.lua:501 in (method) GoToState (Lua) <450-511> ../mods/Whisper/scripts/stategraphs/SGmolep.lua:185 in (field) fn (Lua) <161-189> scripts/stategraph.lua:400 in (method) HandleEvents (Lua) <391-411> scripts/stategraph.lua:145 in (method) Update (Lua) <109-148> scripts/update.lua:218 in () ? (Lua) <149-228> The calls are being made from stategraph SGmolep.lua when I attempt to move after changing. The stategraph should be pulling from my characters prefab, but for whatever reason it's not, this only occurs when caves are on. local function SetUnderPhysics(inst) if inst.isunder ~= true then inst.isunder = true inst.Physics:SetCollisionGroup(COLLISION.CHARACTERS) inst.Physics:ClearCollisionMask() inst.Physics:CollidesWith(COLLISION.WORLD) inst.Physics:CollidesWith(COLLISION.OBSTACLES) end end If anyone could help with this it would be appreciated or if you know an easier way to swap my characters build with a mole and only perform it's walk animation it would be appreciated. Thank you, Red