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Should Compost Piles Be Temperature Sensitive

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Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on whether the Compost Piles should require temperate conditions to produce fertilizer. I think it might be a good idea to add a temperature range for the Compost pile similar to the Bristle Blossoms and Mealwood plants, probably in the range of 10C to 90C. Aside from the added realism it would make it a little more difficult to manage the creation of fertilizer when moving from the Mealwood to the Bristle Blossoms as it would require a dedicated area for the Compost Piles away from heat producing buildings or the Ice Biomes.

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People might rave about it as it is a catch 22.  You can't really control your temperature near the beginning.  Perhaps you started out at a good temperate zone and your fertilizer maker won't be stifled.  Perhaps you are unlucky and started in the middle of zone that is just a bit hotter than what the fertilizer maker requires so you can't really grow much food.

This would need careful tuning if the building will need to be a certain temperature zone to function.

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