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water pipe to musher and super computer..

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Well I did a quick search and didn't find this already. which is surprising cause it seemed kinda obvious.

If the Microbe musher and Super computer are using water as a resource... shouldn't there be an upgrade to plug in a water intake once the pump is unlocked?

the time saved carrying water would be immense.

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I think I have a way to solve the problem for the moment. All you have to do is build a trough with floor tiles and put the Musher and Super Computer beside a Storage container filled with Snow. The heat from both machines should melt the Snow for the water to cool the machines. If the water evaporates just get more Snow.

I have another way to stop it if there isn't an ice biome, but I have to test it.

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Devices could have two options - if you mount a pipe on the inlet, it expects the material out of the pipe. If you don't, dupes will bring the material in bottles instead. Similarly for outlets, if you mount a pipe then the product is sent to the pipe. And if you don't, it's released/spilled to the environment.

Having that outlet part for hydrogen from electrolyzer would be a blessing. 

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