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Tips for winter and summer?

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Heya there! I was wondering how to find gears for ice flingomatics and things like that. I need sanity boosters in case if I can't find any flowers. I don't want my base to go in flames because I don't have any thing to keep things from getting set on fire. Plus how do I survive summer without overheating and dying. I only got to day 12 or 11 but I don't want to die. Thanks!!!

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Well fingos are only really needed for your base but gears aren't always a thing you can get before summer rolls around. So in summer spend as little time in your base as possible and you ice or waterballoons to combat smoldering or fires. If you don't have a fridge using a endothermic fire and having one ready will cool you off and make sure you have a thermal stone so you can chill that with the fire. As for clothes to wear for summer you can make a vest using bird feathers or if you have a farm try to go for a water melon hat to keep you cool.

A straw hat and umbrella with a thermal stone and stopping under a tree should keep you find though. You can also make a siesta if you want to regain sanity at dusk or day and cool you off but it's a structure similar to a tent so be careful where you place it.

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