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Sleeping indifferent to time of day

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I would like a character of mine to be able to sleep during the day, dusk, night and in caves.

If it would be easier to make a custom sleeping item, that would be good too. But it would be preferable for it to work with every bed. I looked through other mods that had similar abilities, but they led to dead ends that I couldn't figure out.

Thank you for any help!

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Hmm.. I took a look at the game code and you would need to modify two things:
In the tent.lua you need to modify "wakeuptest".
And in stategraph "SGwilson.lua" , the parts where ""ANNOUNCE_NODAYSLEEP"" or night/cave equivalent is used.

The wakeuptest functino is a local function, so you can't change it that simple. The simplest way would be to completely replace the old tent.lua file with your edited file.
I never edited a stategraph and don't know much about it, so I can't tell you how to do this.

But my advice would be:
Make a new sleeping item exclusive to your character instead. This might be much easier.

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So! I am going to make a custom bedroll, and I'm pretty certain the prefab I created will be alright. I'll post the prefab to this post. The prefab basically follows the animations and states in SGwilson.lua,, so I need to change the stategraph thing. I'm not accustomed to changing state graphs, and don't really know how to. 

In SGwilson, I found this under local states, state = bedroll,


local failreason =
                (TheWorld.state.isday and
                    (TheWorld:HasTag("cave") and "ANNOUNCE_NODAYSLEEP_CAVE" or "ANNOUNCE_NODAYSLEEP")

                or (IsNearDanger(inst) and "ANNOUNCE_NODANGERSLEEP")
                -- you can still sleep if your hunger will bottom out, but not absolutely
                or (inst.components.hunger.current < TUNING.CALORIES_MED and "ANNOUNCE_NOHUNGERSLEEP")
                or (inst.components.beaverness ~= nil and inst.components.beaverness:IsStarving() and "ANNOUNCE_NOHUNGERSLEEP")
                or nil

            if failreason ~= nil then
                inst:PushEvent("performaction", { action = inst.bufferedaction })
                if inst.components.talker ~= nil then
                    inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst, failreason))

So if I could just change the line that is bolded, or just completely remove it, I think it would work well. Would changing this line affect everyone in the server, just my character, or just my custom bedroll?

If someone could help, I'd really appreciate it!


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