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The Morale of ONI

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Right now - faithfully to a Klei game - no matter how smart you are, your Dupes, your colony and you eventually die. You can venture into the toxic chlorine clouds or the hellish depth to fulfill the ever growing needs of your colony, but no matter what, in a closed system, heat death (a uniform energy distribution, eternal stagnation) is continuously approaching. There is always a point where life cannot sustain itself.

And all of this is true for us here on Earth. We cannot burn rocks, break atoms or even bask in the sunlight forever. We use up our minerals, pollute our atmosphere, contaminate our water sources.

But every cycle alive is a good cycle, so it would be nice to last long enough to get out of here :)

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32 minutes ago, KGello said:

last long enough to get out of here

We will never get out of here.

We will deplete all resources.

We will consume everything.

We will turn against each other, desperate to survive we will eat each other.

We will fade away, we will slowly disappear.

No words will be uttered.

All our sins will be forgotten, all we have done will be erased.

This Star will die, his cycle will start again, by then we will never existed.

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