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  1. I guess the game's parser tolerates it, if it has gone unnoticed so far, but if you're interested, there are also `\t`s in expansion1\worldgen\worlds\ForestMoonlet.yaml expansion1\worldgen\biomes\Metallic.yaml expansion1\worldgen\worlds\TerraMoonlet.yaml expansion1\worldgen\worlds\MediumRadioactiveVanillaWarpPlanet.yaml expansion1\worldgen\worlds\VanillaSwampDefault.yaml (two there)
  2. StreamingAssets\dlc\expansion1\worldgen\worlds\SwampMoonlet.yaml has a tab on line 132 instead of four spaces, making this file invalid.
  3. Hey! I've started translating to Hungarian (10% at the moment). (I'm not an owner of ONI, but maybe someday... If I get it, it will be easier to update this translation even if I work from the file linked from the first page of this thread which might be outdated.) So, I came across this one: Now this rhyming wordplay would translate wonderfully if I could use the equivalent of "****" in Hungarian. Is that okay or too sweary? What about "sh*t"? EDIT: Okay, even the forum censors it, so my first question is answered