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20 minutes ago, towerdefence661 said:

Don't call me bad at games but, is there any way to cheat in items, either cheat engine or some other software, or in game debug thing? 

I would like to use some cheats so I can explore things that would normally take me hours or maybe even days to do.

it's not really a cheat; there's a debug mode. A lot of people use it to conduct science -it's allowable considering the game is in alpha and it's the easiest way to detect bugs. You can find it here:


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If you haven't changed the default keybinding, just pres backspace (the button above enter) and this window will appear:


Clicking the first button will let you select the element/compound you want to paint to.

In Mass you enter the exact amount you want your material to have. A range of hundreds-thousands is fine for solids, and a range of decimals-units is fine for gases.

In Temperature you enter the temperature you want your material to have, in Kelvin by the way, if you use Celsius just add 273 and if you use Fahrenheit then is time to throw away your obsolete imperial units.

Then click the Paint button, your cursor will change and you can draw a rectangle that will be filled with what you previously selected, be careful though, since it will erase any solid/liquid that were in the rectangle, and also may crash your game if you are not careful with the units.

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