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PSA Regarding Gas Vents Being Overpressurised

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I have seen this misconception often and beileved it myself till i spent 4 hours figuring it out last night. Gas vents are not overpessurised by the surrounding air but what is being pump into them I.E. if more than 100g of air is being pumped into them at one time they will become overpressurised. At the moment at least all vents should be attached to a gas valve to reduce input flow to the correct ammount.

However I hate vents with a passion especially after spending 4 hours trying to get them to work correctly I don's suggest you use them even if Electrolyzers are the most effeicient way to get O2 currently.

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I've had over pressurized vents not attached to anything but pipes. I generally only ever use them to try to regulate temperature rather than move oxygen around though. Valves can be a little dodgy with loss of liquids/gases right now (I believe).

Trying to find an efficient way to cool room temperature is a challenge in this game. At least it is for me.

I kind of like the way Rimworld handled it a little better. Just set desired temperature on the machine and it will use  the power it needs to maintain that temperature.

Trying to determine how many machines you need to reach a desired temperature then hoping that number doesn't change is a little messier. But I digress....

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