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  1. It looks like some positions of the gas valve will cause it to be entombed. It is probably due to the dirt on the ceiling, and it's a minor issue. Just thought I would point it out in case it is an easy bug fix.
  2. Get rid of your liquid valve. It will cause the water to disappear when the pipe backs up.
  3. I did some further testing and it turns out that I believe the valve caused the issue. I adjusted the position of all the pieces to allow me to remove the bridge and the water still disappeared, only this time after the valve. I removed my valve from the setup and it works well now.
  4. I had this problem as well, but I think it was due to a little contaminated water getting into the lavatory input.
  5. In 1.jpg you can see the lavatory tank is full of water and in 2.jpg the bridge output is at ~8kg, however when more water enters it changes to what is displayed in image 3.jpg. No duplicates have used the lavatory so the water just disappears. I did try rearranging the pipes to see if maybe having the bridge output right next too lavatory input might have been the cause. However as soon as the pipe backed up to 10kg the water in the bridge output would just start disappearing. I uploaded my save file, just in case it could be useful. bugged.sav