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*Klaxons blare Dups start running double time boys n girls, I think ill pull this one out of the fire this time!* :D

How wrong I was >< I feel like the images below will speak mostly for them selves, take a look! also feel free to pick apart my failed base or enjoy my pain on the colony of; The Once Hopeful Spacerock. Its actually name not a post edit, this game after all especially now, in earrrrrly Alpha is a Sisyphean task at its finest! Still love the game but my god I cant wait to see someone else rage over this game on youtube.

You would think Dups would wake up when the alarm goes of during siesta

The funny thing is I cleared them out before hand, even reset the priority in case of weirdness o~o

Even stranger, Dups doing there best to avoid ANY tasked work. I had cleared the board of any blueprint or job I didn't need done. Lowering other prioritized actions as well. I DIDNT EVEN NEED Slimes for anything at this moment O~o The mine tags ignored at 9 while random sweeping started These dups maybe were half baked again. Maybe later ill fully bake one or fry it... I should defrag the bio-printer-portal device. Or maybe just shoot them.

More off to join nap time! but but why 'O~O, The Button even says they will ignore their own well being to carry out tasks, and could use a mention of adding stress over time rapidly as well...I was worried to hit it having no clear idea how much back lash it would bring. Its very vague, could have been a 20% add on then several minutes of hard work over time or idk, its nondescript. It will get them to staff and make food but not actually eat it.. Spend so long futility digging they drown, or suffocate, starve, even as i hear pop stuck Dupes free from tiles!  But these Dups felt like chilling out. Something the stress multiplyer will surely negate if not still add to the stress.  AND MORE JOIN THEM HALF WAY INTO THE ALERT Maybe 1 of them was max stress so don't go blaming that. Ill assume its some wired error in the priority controls or something programy sounding. Im surrounded by bugs today, I cant even get ride of this underline im seeing on the txt.

Other things
-I hate algae and anything involved with it. We need threshold controls on terrariums[and more] to avoid having half a colony rush to all fill it with 36.4 G  water each all at once. really cutting into my reserves.


-Slime distillation is laughable at its output the pollution alone makes it seem worthless to invest in, ill find an algea free base design before i build a series of them to try and keep up with just a few converter or terrariums. using slime to farm off toxic gas>O2 seems more worth the effort to me.

-Subdue or even execution order for Dups, one gets violent knock em out, Super sick some ginger or like to stave off the vomit train a bit

-Vomit farming exploit might be possible, lock a few in the right place with just enough to survive in pain and pump off the 'profits'

-Dungeon keeper like hand to slap them around some, might stress them but not me >:D

-Soylent-Dup... >.> could use that hand to bat one into a hot fry oil the others wont realize it im sure. They think dirt goo is food, meat of any kind would be a pleasant change. Dup! Tastes like chicken they say!

-Critical failures. a Dup at 0 or 1 should maybe fail really bad sometimes. Dup at a fryer falls in and get some fresh meat a good 150lb of 'chicken legs' Working a marble block, it snaps off crushing one alive or maiming them forcing you to nurse them for ages. Athletics, trips maybe falls into a pit or somehow gets centrifuged by the hamster wheel! idk could be lots more terrible things to happen DS/T is well and GrimDark it wouldn't be out of place here either.

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Lampostsamurai, Can you actually use heat in game like that currently? I haven't seen any evidence myself as to focusing waste heat into such a device. I follow the IRL logic and like realism in a game like this. But I have seen no clear evidence of functional Vapors in the game. Closest I have observed was toxic gas bubbled over larger pools of contaminated water. Could have been acting like oxelite* does pushing to its 'max' pressure slowly. Mind you I have rarely had a base that has grown down or up very far. Jet to see lava but I hear it acts funny currently anyways, may bases have grown LR mostly. Power stability with Hydrogen genies always looks really tempting as a strategy.

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