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Map Seeds and Duplicant Gender and Appearance

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The game really needs to have map seeds so you can share them with other players and generate identical maps. There's nothing more annoying than spending 20 minutes re-rolling Duplicant stats to get the 3 you want to start the game with, then end up with a crappy map and have to start all over again.

The other thing I'd like to see is on the character creation menu, after you've rolled (and re-rolled many times, haha) your Dupes to get the stats you want, the ability to click on their portraits and randomly cycle through male and female, and different looks. Or even the ability to select gender then re-roll the portrait. This is another thing I find a bit annoying, is FINALLY rolling the starting stats I want, then have a Duplicant with looks I dislike (even dislike strongly sometimes). Ugh... :)

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I agree with the Map seeds suggestion, that would be incredibly helpful depending on what maps were generated/discovered... Though, I feel like that could slightly defeat the purpose of the survival difficulty if an overpowered seed was found and widespread online.

Allowing you to select the look would be a pretty cool feature... though it should have limits, otherwise you might as well be able to select specific traits and levels of each trait. If it were limited to strictly the gender/looks, I can definitely see its usefulness. Especially for those players who like to role-play (allowing them to name Dupes something specific and making their looks match), or, like you said.. just have Dupes whose appearance you actually like.

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