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Is there any way to buy codes for ps4?

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17 hours ago, Darkwolf115 said:

I'm not sure if I'm in the right section to post this, but I just really want those skins! Any way I can buy some codes specifically for dont starve together for ps4?

which skins are you talking about here?

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If you buy the pc version of don't starve with the add-ons reign of giants and shipwrecked then you can use the Cd keys to gey the mini monument fireplace and the pirate birdcage on Ps4 if you don't redeem them on pc. Other then that you can buy plushies from the Klei store and get redeem codes for certain items such as the deerclops backpack. Other then that you can trade in 9 items of one class to get 1 item of a higher class. On pc you can actually buy skins from people and or trade.

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