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Job priority

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Instead of toggling a specific task on or off. It would be nice to be able to set prioritys instead. For example If I have a dupe doing everything. But I want him to be my main sweeper guy. I can set his priority to sweeping on nine, so he does that, and only that if there is sweeping to be done. If there is no sweeping, he would go back to his normal shores.

It is similar to the current priority menu, but still a bit different.

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I think I prefer it the ONI way. RimWorld's multidimensional priority setter is pretty tedious and overwhelming. In ONI, you set a priority for a specific job, and then whoever can do it will do it when they're free. In RimWorld, you set a priority for a job-type-for-a-person (for every job x person combination) and that can lead to gaps and confusion. It's also hard in RimWorld to say "OMG everybody do this" and then reset back to normal when the crisis is over.


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