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How to: Get the lil buggers from standing around?

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I haven't really seen this happen personally. Well, I have seen it once or twice but that was because something like bad digging instructions from me, or sand falling down and getting in their way. Try looking around and making sure they have a clear path to whatever it is you want them to be doing.

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Thanks for the replies. Yeah, it does say "idle", but there are no obstructions. And this has happened every time I try a new game. The last game I played just before posting, 4 of them were standing around for a whole cycle. I had lots of things set for them: digging, building, etc. They even ****e on themselves! I was like, "wtf?" because they had just been busy. I don't know what happened, they just stopped working. That's when I tried the "move to", which did nothing but show a red dot. After more than a cycle, 1 went back to work and a minute after 1 more followed. But the other 2 never did. Sorry, I deleted the save out of frustration.

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