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  1. I didn't get infinite, I had one cut me off at 2, one at 10, and one at 14, but there definitely seems to be an issue. The plop ladies would also refuse my plop even though I hadn't given them any that day.
  2. The top hat hanging lamp crashed my world but didn't destroy it.
  3. "In addition to the chance of receiving them as drops, players will have the option to purchase a single character’s Warrior Skin Set for $2.99, or the entire Warrior Skin Set collection for $12.99. The nature of the skins themselves will not change, they are still purely cosmetic and optional. However, purchase of the Warrior Set will help us fund further content and events like this one. We hope that with this mechanism, we can both continue creating great free content while also supporting the development team. In addition, this method of funding allows us to provide content to all our players, instead of splitting the player community if we implemented it with a DLC paywall." works for me, just let us know or remind us when it's a fund raising thing like the skins. knew you guys couldn't keep providing free updates forever without some help, happy to support
  4. I'd read relogging would fix it but I just tried a few times and the deoxidizers are still deleting 1000g algae in a go with no O2 to show for it. Been happening for at least 20 cycles, at cycle 60 now.
  5. I have an unoccupied snoring massage table as well and the table hasn't even been used yet.
  6. Holy cow. Thanks (wish I'd known this 30 cycles ago, feeling dumb)
  7. Are they too stressed? (top left part of the screen there's a brain with % and you can hover over to see their stress levels).
  8. Had a happy base going and finally got oxygen generating but of course developed a hydrogen problem. Researched the hydrogen generator but discovered it needs duct work and even though I've done all of the research possible for many cycles now (and two game restarts just in case that did anything) I do not have the ability to construct the necessary equipment to have a working generator.