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Manual generators and athletics

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A simple (at least I think) way to make stuff more reasonable, at the same time alleviating a bit energy problems lategame:

Make athletics provide bonus for manual generators. That way, if you don't spent your dupes like crazy, by cycle 70 you could have a few >15 athletics guys - and in effect they would generate much more by running at the manual generator. And this will mean more free dupes for other stuff - or more energy for fancy things like air-conditioning / full air filtration systems, sandless water purifiers, CO2 solidifies / Chlorine liquefiers and the like.

As of now energy is a big problem - only reliable way to get some is by having 4-6 dupes constantly running manual generators. And limiting your energy consuming devices makes game less fun. So by having this relatively simple idea implemented we could have a nice solution to energy problem (later will come more generators, I'm sure, but we are talking about the nearest future)

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Yeah I think there are quiet a few things they can implement concerning the mouse wheels (I prefer this term). I use them a lot and at cycle 71 the best mouse I have has 23 athletics with a couple at 20.

Currently running on the mouse wheel doesn't seem to have any effect on the duplicate. Nor does any of the stats of the duplicate effect the mouse wheel. A couple ideas, some mentioned above, come to mind:

- Increase oxygen, hunger and stamina consumption while running. Paired with associated Co2 emission.

- Increase body temperature.

- Increase the want for showers.

- Make athletics reduce all above mentioned effects.

- Make athletics increase energy production of the wheel.


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