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  1. I'm not getting the full 25Kg of glass as advertise. There will be 25Kg of liquid glass in the pipe, but as soon as it solidifies a little bit of it is lost.
  2. Yeah it seems you cannot pick it up currently. Another one is Ice... If you cool water far enough it actually turns in ice, which can then be dug up. But when dug up it drops ice as a resource and cannot be picked up, neither does it smelt back into water
  3. Yeah you cannot use the bottles sadly. But what you can do is click on them and then hit "destroy building" and most of the bottles will be gone that way. In rare occasions the destroyed bottle actually spills its contents on the floor, but I had only that happen to 2 bottles out of 20+.
  4. Yeah and it seems they will stay at that temp for ever, while not giving off any heat.
  5. Yeah I currently stopped using showers in my base. They destroy your water table so damn quick. I think there are more situations in which water/gasses do not input/output the numbers that are listed. Pumps transferring water to tanks also lose water on the way somehow. I never get to move the entire volume of water into another tank without losing water in the process.
  6. So after making the bug report, I figured why not see if it is the same case for the gas pump. And sadly it is: Pump is running in hydrogen ranging from 600-800gs, hydrogen is going away, but pump does not output anything. Nor does the energizer connected to the pipe work. (Talking about the middle pump, the rest is there for a later setup).
  7. Tried rebuilding both the pump and pipe, as mentioned in the post, only rebuilding the pump was 100% effective.
  8. So I'm not able to 100% reproduce this bug and cannot guarantee this is the only reason it happens, but it seems that sometimes when loading a save file the pump stops outputting the liquid it is sucking up. In the picture below you can see there is some contaminated water left (there are also multiple lines outputting it into the tank) and the pump is running (sucking animation and lack of error stating not in liquid, plus the contaminated water level isn't rising) but the pump does not output anything. Resulting in all of the contaminated water being pumped up to just disappear. This can be fixed by rebuilding the pump, only reconnecting the pipe didn't always fix it for me. Is the save file I tested with
  9. I've had the same experience. At one point I was at over 280K of water (combined) and some time later it was listed as <100K. While nothing had really changed to the water setup.
  10. But currently we cannot pick it up from the floor and use it in tiles